We offer various services and products available for people that are thinking of building a good quality, non toxic house. The Algarve is a place of quality; it has good weather, clean air and also a company that will help you build a dry, comfortable and a truly environmental friendly home.

In our shop in Poi, near Mexilhoeira Grande, we offer products from the following manufacturers

DECOTRIC products - For protecting buildings with products like the modern, water based, water proofer for exterior use Silifirn W.

LEINOS natural paints - Non-toxic paint & natural products perfect for people with alergies, infants rooms, schools and similar locations.

RELIUS - Relius produces a complete array of construction paints. We always have a large selection of the most apropriate types for our climate.

MAKO painting tools - Professional tools so that painting does not turn into torture.

ECOVER cleaning products - A huge range of natural cleaning products for floors, dishes, etc.


Please consider: a good paint job depends on a professional preparation of the underlying surface!

DECOTRIC - Building protection products

Silifirn W., a water based silicone primer for exterior surfaces. It is a modern, transparent water proofer for mineral surfaces, such as: cement, brick and white washed ('cal') walls, natural stones, concrete and porous concrete, limestone. Used as a primer for whitewash based painting, cement or silicate, Silifirn W is a excellent (non sticky) impregnating primer.
We also have Fluato "Olafirn", an indispensable product for preparation of surfaces. On all surfaces we recommend a pre-treatment with Fluato OLAFIRN. The advantages are clear: A better quality of the finishing surface, a significant reduction of the consumption of paint, less or no seepage of minerals and a substantial increase in the lifetime of the paint. We also sell "ciment removing cleaning acid" and anti-fungus cleaning poducts for walls, terraces, workshops, cars and more...

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LEINOS - Natural paint

In our shop we have the most important LEINOS natural products. Being one of the top German manufacturers of natural paints, unleaded linseed oil, hard oil, varnish, wax, glue, deep penetrating wood protectors (natural) specially tailored for people with allergies. Speak with your specialized doctor.

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MAKO - Painting tools

One of the European leaders in manufacturing professional painting tools. We stock paint rollers starting at 6 cm in length and professional quality brushes so that painting doesn't turn into torture.

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RELIUS - Coatings

Interior paint SILAT silicate paint, No toxic emissions after drying. The silicate SILAT W. paint, the silicone based Silasil paint and clearly, the Silcosan-Siloxan paint, are simply the best paint for exterior surfaces in our climate zone. These paints are especially designed for old houses, whitewashed ('cal') surfaces and national monuments! We also have water based plastic paint, free of solvents, plasticizers and formaldehyde.

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ECOVER - Natural Cleaning

ECOVER provides a complete array of truly biological detergents and cleaning products.

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