About us

In 1986 we imigrated to the Algarve, in the next year we established our company "Christine & Karl, importação e exportação, Lda.". Our aim was to establish a store in the southern area of Europe, with good weather, smog-free air and to offer a range of products that give you the possibility to live and work in a healthy enviroment.

To obtain this we knew we would have to offer ecological silicate, resin, silicone based paints. The natural paint manufacturer "LEINOS NATURFARBEN GMBH" provided us with a solution for wooden structures while the producer "RELIUS COATINGS GMBH" provided us with a solution for walls and exterior sufaces; the ideal partners.

For over a decade now we have sold our products to painters, builders, cabinet-makers and carpinters, to enviroment conservers, house administrators, furnature manufacturers, with the respective discounts. To our private clients, that want to paint for themselves, we always recommend the best solution to our knowledge. In very problematic cases we will ask our specialized technicians in Germany to aid us in finding the solution to your problem.

AFPOP members and enviromentalists (from this country or others), recieve a 15 % discount on our prices.

Our wide range of products has not stopped growing in the past few years.

For further information we are always at your service and welcome your visit to our establishment.

Managing partner,
Christine Ehrhart